About The Asphalt Plant


Where It All Started

The plant has the capability to produce asphalt with multiple additives, which are mixed in a separate drum to the drying drum. It is capable of producing hot-mix, warm-mix, cold-mix and recycled asphalt material.

The plant’s environmentally focused counter-flow drum; yields quality mix without wastage and emits a lower exhaust temperature.

The  system reduces asphalt vapour in the main air stream, which helps the operation meet stringent national environmental standards on emission control. This is achieved by the use of a bag house, which contains all of the emissions. It is now complete with a testing laboratory for quality control, research and development and product design. 

Who We Supply

The plant is currently supplying private contractors, local councils, shires and road authorities in the area.  


State of the art equipment

RichRiver Asphalt has purchased a state of the art ALmix 60CF/100 Duo Drum Asphalt Plant which utilities the latest American and European technologies to provide an advanced, reliable and efficient asphalt plant for demanding applications.  The Counter-Flow drum mixer is the modern answer to stringent environmental controls on emissions by providing a quality mix without wastage, dust recovery, lower exhaust  temperature and absent asphalt vapor in the main air stream. The  asphalt plant includes the latest technology Recycled Asphalt usage system which provides for the re-use of redundant asphalt pavements.