Our Products


Hot Mix Asphalt

  • 7mm ACL and ACF (320)
  • 7mm ACH (320)
  • 10mm ACL  and ACF (320)
  • 10mm ACH (320)
  • 14mm ACH (320)
  • 20mm SI (320)
  • 20mm SF (320)

Hot Mix Asphalt Additives

  • Evotherm (additional Per Tonne)
  • Polymer (additional Per Tonne)

Cold Mix

  • 7mm CM
  • 10mm CM

Other Materials

  • Emulsion CRS60

Spray Seal


our clients

We focus on providing great service to our local customers, as well as ensuring that we adhere to the shires & local government's specifications.

spray seal applications

The type of application varies for each project from a 'Primer Seal', Single , Double, Two-Coat Seal.  We can provide you with a quote today.