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Established in 2015 Rich River Asphalt (RRA) is an independent asphalt manufacturer, supplier and Spray Seal contractor dedicated to providing bituminous products sourced from local suppliers.  
With an asphalt plant and a NATA certified Laboratory Rich River Asphalt is committed to research new products, methods and technologies.

Asphalt Laying


Asphalt is the combination of a blend of quarry products, sand, bitumen and filler materials, dried and then heated.  The blended, heated product is then delivered to site by tipper vehicles and fed into the paving machine, spread and compacted by rollers to water proof the pavement, and to provide a smooth riding surface for the travelling public.

Asphalt can be used for a variety of works including Highways, Rural Roads, Carparks, Driveways, Sports Courts and Pedestrian access.

Some of the benefits of asphalt are its cost effectiveness, durability, superior resilience to the elements compared to other paving materials, it provides a smooth service which reduces damage to pavement necessitating fewer repairs. Asphalt can be recycled, here at RRA our asphalt plant is equipped to recycle asphalt chips and is doing so on a limited basis.

Spray Seal

Spray Sealing is achieved by spraying a thin film of bituminous binder onto the surface and then covering it with a layer of aggregate. Spray seal can be specifically designed for an extensive range of traffic conditions.

Spray seal is ideal for situations where you require a new revitalized surface, minimal dust, restoration of an existing road surface.

A few of the benefits of Spray Seal are the traffic can drive on it immediately after rolling, Its ideal for light to moderate trafficked roads and it’s a safer surface with skid resistant textures.

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