Asphalt Plant

About the Plant


In February 2015 the company purchased our Asphalt plant which was shipped to Australia from Malaysia. The ALmix 60CF/100 duo drum asphalt plant was operational within a few months and hit the ground running providing the local area with Asphalt mixes.

The plant has the capability to produce asphalt with multiple additives. It is competent in producing hot-mix, warm-mix, cold-mix and recycled asphalt material.

RRA plants environmentally focused counter-flow, yields quality mix without wastage and emits a lower exhaust temperature, the plant itself is very compact and is contained within 800 square meters.

The Plant is complimented by a testing laboratory for quality control, research and development and product design. 


Rich River Asphalt are equipped to use recycled asphalt chips, crumb rubber, crushed glass and other recycled materials with little to no further modifications to the production facility.

All asphalt blends are tested in the RRA laboratory to meet design criteria.

RRA are open to any suggestions of combinations of the use of recycled materials requested by its customers, these recycled material combinations must still meet the performance-based criteria of the traffic volumes and pavement design.