About the Laboratory


Rich River Asphalts laboratory was established alongside our asphalt plant in 2015. Our Laboratory which has NATA Accreditation No. 19905 is divided into two distinct sections.

One section is for the day-to-day testing and process control of the asphalt plant.

All asphalt products are visually assessed prior to dispatch and the materials are tested for Temperature, Binder content, grading and Maximum theoretical density at regular frequency.

Inward materials used for the manufacture of the asphalt is also tested for grading compliance and moisture content on arrival.

The second section of the Laboratory is used for Research and Development works.

All RRA asphalt mix designs are completed in this section, and the use of recycled materials is now playing a larger requirement in all mixes.

A considerable amount of money has been invested in personnel and equipment to allow RRA to design asphalt mixes which now can contain glass cullet, recycled tyre rubber, recycled plastics and RAP (Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement). 

NATA Accreditation

Accreditation by NATA demonstrates Rich River Asphalt is meeting or exceeding standards in the production and delivery of its conformity assessment activities out of our laboratory.

NATA accreditation is both nationally and internationally recognised. Through successful accreditation Rich River Asphalt can be trusted, technical results counted on and products and services considered safe and reliable for public use.